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Welcome to Landmark Services Cooperative

We offer a wide range of products including, but not limited to:

- Dog Food   - Loose Bird Seed  - Pet Toys      - Rabbit Food
- Cat Food    - Suet Cakes     - Horse Feed      - Hamster Food
- Pet Food    - Farm Feed      - Grass Feed       - Guinea Pig Food
- Bird Seed   - Pet Treats    - Pasture Seed    - Doctors Choice Supplements
- Bird Feeders - Fertilizer       - Chicken Feeder - Chicken Waterer
- Barnyard to Backyard

and MORE!

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From seed to feed, all year long!
We are a member-owned cooperative business providing:
-agronomy, -animal nutrition, -grain, -energy and retail, and financial products, services and solutions to over 11,000 members in communities throughout central and Southern Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, and Eastern Iowa.